It’s clear.

gotta take care
of the waste.



Trash in the


30% Packaging

20% Clothing, Newspaper etc

14% Yard Trimmings

15% Organic Materials

21% Furniture and Appliances

“Global annual waste generation is expected to jump, from 2.01
billion tonnes in 2016, to 3.4 billion tonnes over the next 30 years.”

With only 4% of the world’s population,
the United States produces more than 30% of the world’s waste.

Trash has an 82% correlation with U.S. GDP growth since 2001

Supporting trends

for a rising waste economy?

Rise in environmental concerns
Increase in non-hazardous waste

Rapid economic growth across developing nations
Adoption of recycling techniques

Development of innovative technologies
Use of advanced waste collection solutions

Household Waste is a type of Solid Waste:

Bottles, cans, clothing, newspapers and magazines, food packaging, yard trimmings,
house furnishings (tiles, roof shingles, carpets) much more coming from private homes.

"There is no such thing as away. When we
throw something away, it must go somewhere."

Our Mission is to Help People Achieve their Goals in Life.
Dumpster rentals? Yes, it’s that simple. And we’ve been doing that since May 2014.

"“Live life to the fullest.
We take care of the waste."

Maurício Chiara - Need a Dumpster, CEO

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