Why a dumpster rental is better than going to a landfill
Why a dumpster rental is better than going to a landfill
February 20, 2020
Types and classification of Dumpsters
Types and classification of Dumpsters
February 22, 2020

Why you need a dumpster rental service on your construction site

Why you need a dumpster rental service on your construction site

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Construction sites are probably the most important place to have a dumpster ready at all times. Regardless of the construction type, there will always be debris present on the construction site from day to day operation and construction. This debris shouldn’t be allowed to pile up, instead, they should be promptly and regularly disposed to make the construction process more efficient and the environment as clean and safe as possible.

Some key importance of having a dumpster ready on a construction site include

Safer Workplace

On a construction site, there is continued and regular movement of people and equipment as the construction progresses. Having debris around your construction site might pose risks like accidental tripping, movement restriction which would have been absent without the debris.

Items like nails and other sharp objects in use on the construction site might also result in cuts, punctures and wounds to the workers or even vehicles that are in use on the site. These sharp objects might puncture the tire and render it flat where you will have to delay a part of the proceedings of the project to attend to such issues.

There might also be cases where the owners of the project would want to come around and check the project. You wouldn’t want them to get wounded from sharp objects or trip over debris. Therefore, you need to have a dumpster on your construction site to keep the site as safe as can be.

Doing the trash disposal yourself is harder than renting a dumpster.

If you decide to pile the debris up and dispose by yourself at a later date, this might be a huge mistake in the long run. While it might seem easy for you to do as you probably will have your own truck that might be large enough to move the trash to a landfill, you must consider that the truck might be needed for other construction works as well, and of the local landfill is not nearby, it will result in delay of progress.

Asides that, while a homeowner will only need to pack their dirt and trash items to the local landfill easily, you, as a construction company might need to sign the paperwork, make some payment and as required by some places apply for a special permit and insurance cover before you can dispose of the debris.

You might also need to apply for a DOT number from the department of transportation and follow their set of rules and regulations to the letter. Choosing to use a Chicago dumpster rental service, on the other hand, will ease you of all these stress and allow you to put on your attention on doing a good job on your construction project. Another 5-star rating in the bag for you, more customer, sustained relevance, increased funds. You don’t want to mess up all that for a trash disposal problem.

Disposing of heavy materials

Regardless of your project size, you might have heavy materials like dirt, rock, concrete and bricks that need to be disposed of. This dirt is common with a construction project, and while it might be easy to dispose of the lighter planks and other small debris, disposing of this heavier items usually pose a serious problem.

Fortunately, there are construction dumpsters that have been specifically designed to meet this need for heavy materials disposal. You wouldn’t have to stress yourself as everything goes inside the dumpster and gets lifted and haulier away by the dumpster rental company.

Renting and maintaining multiple dumpsters

If your project is so large and produces a lot of debris that can’t fit in a single dumpster, you can be sure that most Chicago dumpster rental companies have the ability and capability to supply and maintain multiple dumpsters to your construction site.

If your project is one with a lot of debris, doing it yourself waste disposal is strongly advised against. This will only lead to multiple runs to and from local landfills, stress on the job, delay of progress, and diversion of attention from the work at hand. If you rent a dumpster and you see that it is getting filled up, you can always call on your dumpster rental service provider to come and haul it away, and bring another one for you.

Home remodelling and Landscaping

If you are working on a client’s home remodelling project, there’s then no excuse for you not to have a dumpster ready at all times. You do not want to put the property and the entire household (including children and pets) at risk.

Also, you would not want the debris from the remodelling of the home to pile up on their carpet, or even on their lawn. This might pose a hazard on the household and even the workers. Having a dumpster will ensure your workspace is always clean and safe at all times. This is because all your debris and waste will be thrown directly into the dumpster for easy removal by the rental company.

Stay on schedule

A clean and safe workplace boosts workers productivity. Your workers and yourself will be able to walk around the work site easily and freely with the realization that no health hazard needs to be worried about, which will allow you dedicate all your time to the project to make sure you finish it up within schedule.

Also, with a dumpster, you will not be needing to do much cleaning at the end of the project since the debris has been removed regularly during the project. All you need to do is to do the final cleanup and call on the Chicago dumpster rental company to pick up the debris.

No matter what your construction project is, and the size of the project, as long as you’re on a construction project in Chicago, you must make use of a Chicago dumpster rental company to keep your workspace clean and safe for everyone.

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