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Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental Made Easy
February 19, 2020
Why you need a dumpster rental service on your construction site
Why you need a dumpster rental service on your construction site
February 21, 2020

Why a dumpster rental is better than going to a landfill

Why a dumpster rental is better than going to a landfill

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If you are in Los Angeles (or anywhere else for that matter) and are working on a DIY building project, or you’re cleaning and clearing up old junks from your apartment, you might end up with a lot of trash and junk that need to be properly disposed of. When this happens what is the best way to go about it?

You can decide to move the waste or trash items to a local landfill yourself, which is free or use a Los Angeles dumpster rental service which comes at a cost.  You might look at this and default to using DIY disposal and moving the garbage to the landfill yourself. But before you do that, here are reasons that you need to look at to discover why renting a dumpster is beneficial than going to the landfill all by yourself.

There is a dumpster that fits your needs

This is the first thing that a lot of people consider when taking a dumpster rental service. Is there a size for me? You might have seen gigantic dumpsters and start to think that you just don’t need that large size. Not to worry, there’s always a size for you. All you need to do is discuss the level of your dirt and waste with the dumpster company and you will be advised on the proper size dumpster to use for your project.

Renting a dumpster saves a lot of time

The regular process of packing your trash to a local landfill on your own is usually time-consuming. You will have to fill the trash items inside bags before you can move them because you wouldn’t want to just load your vehicle with trash directly. This bagging of trash is always a long and stressful but avoidable process. Also, after putting the trash in bags, you will have to start loading your vehicle with the trash before driving off to the local landfill. If the trash is quite much, you might be unable to move all in a single trip, necessitating multiple trips to the landfill and further creating a loss of time.

The issue of time will be easily and effectively sorted with a proper dumpster rental. All you need to do is throw all the trash into the dumpster, and once your project is complete, you can then go on to call the rental company to pick up and properly dispose of the dumpster.

Vehicle space is not an issue with a dumpster

Unlike if you choose to do the disposal of your waste by yourself, with a dumpster, you don’t have to worry about space for putting the trash items.

If you are doing the disposal of your trash all by yourself, after bagging them, you might discover that there is not enough space in your vehicle to load them all at once. Therefore you will need to make multiple trips to the local landfill to dispose of the trash. With a dumpster, however, this issue of space is taken care of from the very beginning. All your trash will fit perfectly into the right-size of the dumpster and the company will just come and haul off the dumpster after use.

No risk of vehicle damage

When you decide to do your waste disposal yourself, there are a lot of things that could possibly go wrong with your vehicle. It might break down on the way for taking too much load at a time. You might have spills of liquid in the trunk, the contents of the bag might pop open and empty into the vehicle and so on. If you are disposing of the trash by yourself, there simply are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Damage to your vehicle will then necessitate extra spending on repairs which might even end up being much more than the price of renting the dumpster in the first place. For this reason, you should use a dumpster rental in place of DIY trash disposal. A dumpster and the truck used for carrying it were created for this purpose and will have no trouble getting your trash properly disposed of with no risk whatsoever on your own vehicle, unlike if you’d chosen to DIY.

The process of doing it yourself isn’t really free

If the reason why you have decided to use a do it yourself approach for your trash disposal is that it is free, you will have to know then that it is not actually free. To dispose of your trash at the local landfill, you will have to be charged. While this charge will not be up to what you’ll have to pay for renting a dumpster from a Los Angeles dumpster rental service, it is still a cost on your pocket.

If you then proceed to consider the opportunity cost of your time and the stress you went through, you will discover that in the long run, your best option would have been to use a dumpster rental service and save yourself all the stress and to save your time for the more productive venture.

Also, do not forget the cost of fuelling your vehicle. Taking all of this into consideration will reveal to you that while doing it yourself, and taking your trash to the local landfill yourself, might appear cheaper, in the long run, it would have cost you a lot more than just your money, and that you would have been better off with a dumpster rental.

So, if you need a proper and lawful waste disposal option, your best bet is to use a dumpster rental service.

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