What is a dumpster broker and why is it important to know?

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June 10, 2020
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June 12, 2020
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What is a dumpster broker and why is it important to know?

Dumpster Broker

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The question is, What is a dumpster broker and why is it important to know? As the word broker is for any other industry or activity, a dumpster broker is a person who is a middleman involved in the dumpster rental deal. While there are all kinds of brokers that you will find in the market, but it is best to stay away from them because of a variety of reasons. While a dumpster broker usually deals in a way that suggests that they are from the local dumpster service but the fact is that they do not own any dumpsters of their own and most probably, are even not based locally.

While the broker is the one that will take your order, it is the local dumpster rental that is responsible for delivery and actually picking up the dumpster. Few basic issues while dealing with a broker are as follows:

  • You end up paying more: As is the nature of all brokers in any industry, brokers usually charge a higher price as they have to pay a normal fee to the local service provider in addition to their own cut.
  • You are in touch with someone else: While it is a local actual delivery company is the one that will undertake the work you are in touch with someone who is not even based locally and does not personally own any dumpster. This often leads to poor service or confusion or both.

Dealing direct is the best

It is important to be aware of the dumpster brokers because it is best to deal directly with the local dumpster service. By dealing directly, you will not only be able to save on costs and avoid middlemen, but you can also expect better service. But the fact that dumpsters brokers are hard to spot, as not only they do not announce the fact that they are a broker, they speak in such a manner which hints that they own the dumpster facility.

So what you can do to avoid them?  Actually, a lot of things can be done in order to avoid dumpster brokers.

Search online websites

First, there are many online websites that list local dumpster rental on their platforms without charging any fee. You can visit those websites in order to gather more information about the local dumpster rental service. Also, there are customer reviews that may be available on the websites. Go through them, at least from your shortlisted companies. However, take these reviews with a pinch of salt as some companies also have paid reviews on their pages in order to attract more customers. Also, do not rely on listing on a single website to make your final choice because it may have a bias towards one company or you will again end up with a broker. Do your research properly and make a shortlist of companies that you think will be able to do a good job. But before you select the final one, go through the more steps detailed below that will help you narrow down your search.

Check the contact details

In addition, stay away from the 800 numbers when you are booking your service. Most local dumpster rental companies will list their local number in place of the 800 number. While this may not be true for all cases, it is still something to consider when searching for the local dumpster. As the dumpster broker can also own a local phone number rather than a number starting with 800, keep this in mind while checking the number of the shortlisted companies during selection.

Do not give all details in one go

In case you are trying to book one online, please make sure that you do not enter all your needs in an online form. Details like personal information, contact details, type of debris, container size, etc are not be entered in a single form unless you are dead sure of where the information is being sent. Typically, the broker will ask for a lot of information beforehand and then select a local company for you. By doing this, you end up with an expensive bill and shoddy service. Also, by giving all your details to the broker in the single form, you kind of created a dependency on the broker because he is now aware of all your contact details and work requirements. Hence, please ensure that all requirements and contact details do not form part of a single form as long as you have doubts about where the information is being asked from and where it is going to.

Check all paperwork

Always keep in mind the fact that a reputable dumpster rental agency will have all the required licensed, insurance and will be very upfront about its pricing plans. You have to steer clear of all the dumpster services that do not provide clear information on its website, have very old information. In addition, you always check the business license at the local government office in case of any doubt. Also, the standing in the Better Business Bureau can also serve as a benchmark while doing your research. Checking all the paperwork of the local dumpster service is one of the most important aspects of steering clear of the dumpster brokers. As mentioned, a good local dumpster service will hold all the required paperwork, permissions, and licenses that are required to undertake the work in the state.


All the aspects mentioned above starting from the website reviews, phone numbers, personal information, and license check can combine to give you a good local dumpster service to work with. At the same time, using the techniques mentioned above will make sure that you stay away from that dumpster broker who will only try to extract more money out of you but cannot guarantee a high-quality service because he/she has no control over the local dumpster company. So go on, try and use the methods outlined above and get a good local dumpster service based on your requirements.

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