What do you need to know about gardening?

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What do you need to know about gardening?

What do you need to know about gardening

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Gardening is a hobby and most of the people loves to do the gardening. Studies show that it is a stress relief activity. Not only kids adults also love to play with the mud in their garden. Gardening is an exciting activity. It is one of the best therapies for depression. You can convert a small land into a beautiful garden. It will provide you fresh air and relaxing environment. It is not a time-taking activity. You just need to give few hours per week to your garden. 

Must know your soil:

It is a fact that you cannot grow everything everywhere. Every place has its own specialty and that totally depends on its land soil. The first and the most important thing in gardening is the soil. You must analyze whether your soil is a fertilizer soil or not. Loamy soil is the best soil for fertilization. It is made by mixing the sandy soil, and the clay soil. For plantation you need to dig down the soil for around six to eight inches. 

Exposure of sunlight:

For the growth of a plant, sunlight is one of the most important ingredients. While selecting an area must observe the exposure of the sunlight. Will sunlight will reach the plants or not? For vegetables and fruits plants the sunlight is the must. They need sunlight exposure for around 7 to 8 hours per day. If the sunlight reaches in your garden in the morning and remains shady in the afternoon then select the plants that do not need much sunlight. The garden that has the south direction gets the sunlight for the whole day. The gardens that face the north have no direct sun exposer. Therefore, it is important to select the plants according to the sunlight exposure in your garden.


There are two types of plants. One is annual and the second one is the perennials. Annual plants last for the season. On the other hand, the perennials grow season after season. These plants dormant in the freezing season and comes back in the spring season. You must know all the details of the plants before the plantation. It is recommended to start with the easy plants. Choose plants that do not take much time to grow. The plantation of vegetable plants is the best for the new gardeners. Thus, if you will make a mistake during their growth you will lose less time and efforts. The first successful gardening experiment will inspire you. It will encourage you and will give you confidence. After the successful plantation of easy plants you can move towards the complicated plants. 

Make a plan:

An effective way of gardening is to make a plan before plantation. You must know which plants you are going to plant in your garden. How big and high they will go? How much space they will need? Do you have enough space in your garden to plan at these plants at a time? These questions are very important. Make the plan where and after how much distance you will do the next plantation. It is important to know that the taller or bigger trees will block the small plants. They will not get the sunlight. That will destroy them. So, it is important to plant the plans after proper planning. 

Water the plants:

Every plant needs a different amount of water. Few plants need water on daily basis while few needs it twice a day. Some plants need water after one day. It is important for you water the plants according their needs and requirements. The small and new plants need more water to grow and expand their roots in the soil. The best time to water the plants in the morning time. In the morning plants soak the water properly as compared to the warm day time.  Watering the plants in the evening is not a good decision. It makes your plants more prone to fungus. 

Wait for the results:

Gardening is an activity demands patience. You cannot enjoy its fruit within days. It demands time and your persistence efforts and care. Monitor all the plants regularly and wait for the good results. Take preventive measures to save your plants from fungus and other plant diseases. Do not overwater the plants and do not spry on them to grow them faster. It will only damage the plants and will result in the failure. 

Bottom Line:

Gardening is an exciting and fun-filled activity. Most of the people and kids adopt gardening as their hobby. In today’s world of worries and tensions, gardening gives you a break. It provides you the opportunity to inhale the fresh air and enjoy the green fresh environment. Gardening is not only a hobby but is a perfect relaxing exercise. 

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