Recycling concrete
Recycling concrete
April 12, 2020
A time estimate to building a new house
A time estimate to building a new house
April 16, 2020
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Steps to planning a construction project

Steps to planning a construction project

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When you have a building project in place, you are likely to hire a construction manager and this is crucial as they will go through all the different stages to realize your project. You may tend to think that once you are sure of what you want to build then there is no holding back, you should act on it. But, there is no replacement of going over planning for your construction project for a house owner. To clarify its importance, let’s go over the general meaning of construction planning. This is a process where the homeowner and/or the construction manager go over the requirements to execute a building project. The construction plan will have a detailed list of each step to be taken to attain the desired building results. This list comprises of various details about the designing of the building, the requisition of the necessary materials, the posts of workers and subcontractors for various tasks, etc. Thus, it is crucial to start with a construction plan for the specific things it incorporates. In this article, we are going to review the necessary steps taken to ensure that your building project becomes a marvellous success.

Appoint a design professional

For your structure to begin taking some sort of form, you need to hire a design professional. This can be an architect or an interior designer, some homeowners hire both to help better put in vision what they are going for. You will need to go about this process without haste and consult multiple firms to specifically find what you are going for. This is because various architects and interior designers differ in what they specialize in. Taking your time about this step will ensure that the design professionals you pick offer the best services and rates, you have to compare among the firms you interview with your budget in mind. For this, you will need to shortlist and do face to face interview meetings. You should take note that, most designers work on projects involving no major constructional work or additions, and will offer their assistance in material and colour selection. Architects will take on a wide range of work or offer services oriented only on floor plans and permits, leaving details such as electrical plan, batch, and kitchen to another designer.

Creating a plan

This is the step subsequent to appointing a design firm. The design firm will get on with making schematic designs of your building and you will go through a process with them to reach your design goals. It might take quite some time to come up with rough layouts of the floor plan and the views of the exterior of the structure and other additions if any. After the schematic designs are completed, the homeowners will take about two weeks to consider the plans and come up with a decision. Usually, they will agree, but if they want changes, the firm will have to go over the modifications with them and thus the whole process might take months.

Hiring contractors

This is the process that comes after getting the schematic designs. Contractors come in play when there is a final general idea of how the home will look and all the floor plans and materials required. You will have to interview different contractors to compare their pricing and estimate the preliminary cost depending on which contractor you pick. Part of the interview will require the contractors to estimate the schematic designs and this is what takes time while hiring a building contractor.

Look for materials while the contractors are engineering

This step is required to go on at the same time as the previous one to save you some time. There will be a role for a designer to aid with material selection depending on whether you love to shop for construction materials or shrink from this task. Shopping for construction items should be done with care and caution as to not forget some important things and miscalculate the costs. This might result in delaying the project if contractors are out of materials to proceed with building. Make sure to go over all the necessary materials for every step of the construction process, and schedule or purchase right away the required items before the beginning of the actual building process. You should hire a competent professional to keep track of all the item purchases, especially if your project is of a large scale. While shopping for hard floors and other construction items, your architects and designers should be completing the final layouts and going over them with a structural engineer for the final build. Ideally, the two processes should end at the same time.

Acquire the required permits

The necessary permits for your construction project are determined by several aspects. These are for example, the location where your building will be built or the scale of your project. These aspects will influence the estimate of the time it will take to get the permits, ranging from days to years and the permit fees. You should have a rough idea of the requirements to fill the permits, if necessary hire a specialist to do this process with you.

Complete the contracts and set for work

With all the above steps finished, especially after getting the required permits for the construction, your contractors have all the necessary details to come up with a final contract offer. After going over the proposed budget with the contractors, you might do value engineering if their costs highly exceed your predicted budget. This is when you and the contractors revise the cost of materials and other expenses to adjust the final budget. 



The process of going through all the necessary steps for your construction plan will for sure be lengthy and demanding. This might take up to six months and for sure the time invested in getting the tidy details out will pay in bulk on the realization of your building. Your construction team will know exactly what to go for and your project will go comparatively easier and thus you have ensured success.

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