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May 14, 2020
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Pool Construction Process

Pool Construction Process

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Every summer presents homeowners the beauty of having a swimming pool within the compound. But for you to have your dream pool set up and functioning, it takes expertise and patience. Pool construction is a complicated project that takes weeks to accomplish. The costs may vary by place, but generally, it is quite pricey. As a result, you should not take any chances and only involve professional companies with reputable performance. 

Most companies will keep you engaged during the construction, giving you updates on the progress. Notwithstanding, you need to have some insight into the process to ensure you cooperate fully with the contractor and ease the work. Below we discuss the steps in pool construction, take a look!

Pool design

Once you settle on the company to handle your project, an appointment with the design specialist will be the first thing. You will give an overview of your dream swimming pool, discuss your preferences, and explore all the available design options. After the meeting, the proposed site of construction will be surveyed, taking into account home dimensions, relation with the building, and other utilities. After the site study, the company will develop a construction plan, proposal, and cost. If you are satisfied with everything, approve the design to proceed with the construction. 

Permit acquisition

Obtain permits for pool zoning and development from the related authorities. In some cases, the company is tasked with acquiring the license for actual pool building and decking. Remember to get permits for modification and inspection of all the utilities. 


After design approval and acquisition of the necessary licenses, the actual construction begins with the plan. Typically, the construction team should come to the site and review all the steps with you to ensure that everything remains as per the agreement. With everything clear, the pool is then outlined in compliance with the construction plan. The item used in making layout should not be moved whatsoever since even a slight change is likely to impact the whole process.


The digging is done per the plan and the design particulars. The duration for complete excavation depends on the underlying rocks and soil. Poor weather conditions may also slow down the process. Generally, the procedure produces a lot of dust, which the company should be responsible for disposing of. But some little amounts may be left on-site for use during other stages. Mainly, machines do excavation, but hand trimming may be employed in some sections of the pool.

Rough Plumbing

It involves making plumbing provisions for all lines that need to go through the concrete wall. These include the main drains, pool return lines, skimmers, and suction lines. Lines for waterfalls, cleaning systems, solar provisions, and spas can also be installed during this period. The plumbing is often customized to suit each design’s specifications.

Steel frame construction

After the excavation, the structural steel frame for the pool is designed by placing the rods vertically and horizontally to form a grid. Essentially, this is the pool backbone. As reinforcements, the steel frame is fitted with tie wires, the joints, or intersections. Again, block spacers placed below the steel keeps it in the desired place, which is usually amidst gunite. While the previous phase was mainly machine-involving, steel fixing is entirely hand-done. The first inspection is done at this point. 


Concrete or gunite is a combination of cement, ballast, and sand. The mixture components are usually put in specific proportions to obtain the best quality. Concrete is applied to the steel frame using a unique piece of equipment. Preferably, this work should be done by experienced technicians. The result should be a pool wall and floor with maximum strength. It is concreting that gives initial excavation, a pool-like appearance.  The gunite needs to be watered at least twice a day for two weeks to prevent cracking.  

External Plumbing 

These are the final plumb works to be performed and entails fitting filtration equipment, electricity, and gas lines. Electrical lines are for the pool equipment and the lights. At this time, the breaker box for the equipment should also be installed. The expert in-charge directs the installation of gas lines to the pool heater(s).

Coping and tile installation

 Coping refers to materials such as granite stones or concrete used in capping the pool wall. As the coping is applied, other accessories such as waterfalls, deck jets, or wall sprays are also installed if available. The type of tile used on the floor depends on your preference. The completion of this phase may take days to a few weeks depending on the pool size and the complexity of the design. Coping and tile application ensures there are no leaks.


The decking material you choose for your pool should reflect your project theme. There are several options, but the two most common ones are pavers and concrete. The former has higher aesthetic value, and long-lasting. Their maintenance costs are also much lower. As a result, they have become the most widely used. For concrete decking, a finish must be applied.

Installation of pool fence and alarms

It is a legal requirement that swimming pools should be enclosed to promote safety. A fence that meets the stated criteria is installed and inspected by the regulatory authorities together with the pool alarms.  

Pool Interior finishes

The interior finish is also done after the inspection and approval of the safety fence and alarms. The coating materials used depends on your choice. You can select either a wet edge finish or any standard finish. After the finishes, the swimming is filled with water once the interior dries up.

Launching the pool

The last step is handing over the pool to you after the technician in charge has ensured that every pool equipment is functional. The pool is launched, and the maintenance exercises reviewed with you before the company agent leaves.

How does it affect your home value?

Studies have shown that a pool can boost your property value by a maximum of 7%, while in some areas, it might only increase the annual home taxes but have no impact on resale price. Noteworthy, some homebuyers regard pools are luxury, which may make your property quite tricky to sell.  


Pool construction is an elaborate process that requires the skills and know-how of an experienced professional to accomplish. But you need the basic knowledge of its building process to ensure you obtain the best results by cooperating with your contractors. A pool can also increase your asset value by approximately 7%.

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