How To Tear Down A Wooden Deck?

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How To Tear Down A Wooden Deck?

How To Tear Down A Wooden Deck?

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Summer evenings only gets better when you have a well-maintained wooden deck in your backyard. No doubt, wooden decks not only adds more value and elegance to your property but also provides expansion for the landscape. You can spend the perfect summer evenings with your family & friends on your deck. But only if the deck is in good condition.

Usually, the wooden decks could last up to 40 years maximum if maintained properly. In most cases the homeowners kind of forget about their wooden deck maintenance which causes certain damages to the wood. As a result, you need to tear it down and change it.

Well, if not due to damage, some homeowners love to upgrade their indoors & outdoors often. It means that maybe they want to add a new deck design or style or just want to tear it down to convert the place into a nice patio. No matter the reason for tearing down the wooden deck, the contractors could be expensive.

Could you do it on your own? Yes! You can definitely tear down your wooden deck on your own. So what should you do? Relax, sit tight and just read this article as it contains a guide which provides guidelines on the whole wooden deck tearing down process.

Know When You Need To Tear It Down:

It is obvious that with the passage of time, the wood rots bend and twist or buckle. And lack of maintenance only fastens the wood damaging. Moreover, longer sun exposure during the summer days also plays a key role in wooden deck damaging. So when should you tear down and say goodbye to your old & damaged wooden deck? Are there are indicators or signs that your backyard needs a new wooden deck?

Unless you are planning to change your outdoor deck area into a patio or pergola; these are the most common warning signs which indicate that you need a new wooden deck.


  • Loose & wobbly deck
  • Splintered deck boards with popped up fasteners
  • Deteriorating deck wood
  • Missing deck hardware
  • Soft spots
  • Bouncy boards.

Things That You May Need To Tear Down The Deck:

If you are reading this article, it means that you are going to tear it down on your own. And therefore, you are going to need the right tools and equipment to tear down your old & damaged wooden deck. You can find this equipment easily from any local hardware shop.


–        Tools:

Pry bar. Screwdriver. Hammer. Drill. Sledgehammer. Shovel. Reciprocating saw

–        Safety Equipment:

Work safety gloves, closed-toe-shoes, and protective glasses.

8 Steps To Demolish the Wooden Deck:

The last and most important part of this discussion is the demolishing steps to tear down the wooden deck successfully on your own.

●      Step 1 – Prepare Your Deck:

When you are baking a cake the first thing that you are required to do is to do all the preparations for it such as getting the ingredients, heating the oven, and arranging the utensils, etc. Same goes for the deck tearing down the process, where you have to make certain preparations. It includes familiarize yourself with the deck parts, deck cleaning, getting rid of extra deck items, getting permits, and finding a place to keep your deck furniture.

●      Step 2 – Take Down The Railings:

After all the necessary preparations, it is now time to start the demolishing process. It is recommended by the experts to begin from the railings. Use the handrail to remove the screws and pull out the nails from one end of the railing to others. When you are done with the screws and nails, remove the balusters and repeat the process for the lower/another railing.

●      Step 3 – Remove The Deck Boards:

The next step is the deck board removal. If the boards are screwd simply use a hand drill to remove the screws and pull the boards from one end to the other end of the deck. But if the boards nailed down, then you ould need a pry bar to remove the boards. Note one thing that removing the boards with a pry bar is more time consuming than the other option. And overall, this step takes more time than the others.

●      Step 4 – Pull The Stairs Apart:

You could either remove the stairs after the boards or at the end. Steps/stairs of the deck area to be removed same as the boards so it means you are going to need the pry bar again. Moreover, cut down the stair boards and deck boards into half as it would be a lot easier to carry them.

●      Step 5 – Cut Down The Frame:

Use the saw to cut down the whole deck frame from the house. Start from one end of the frame to the other end. You have to be little more careful while cutting down the frame from the house.

●      Step 6- Cut Off The Joists:

Use a pry bar to remove the joints and rim joists. Remember if your deck has large joists and rim joist then use a sledgehammer.

●      Step 7: Take Off The Hangers:

Again use a pry bar to remove the hangers from the foundation of the deck and break down the hangers attached to the supporting posts.

●      Step 8: Dig Out The Supporting Posts:

At the end of the process, use a shovel to dig out the supporting post. And break the concrete posts beneath each supporting post with the help of a sled hammer.

If your wooden deck is damaged and you want to replace it or simply want to upgrade/ change the look of your backyard then you could save a lot of money by doing it on your own. Moreover, as the summer is here, and your family is going to be with for the vacations, you could ask your kids and other family members to take part as it is a great family activity. But before you could get your hands dirty on this, make sure to obtain the permits for it. Enjoy your summer.! Happy Summers!

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