How to Remove Rocks From Your Yard

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How to Remove Rocks From Your Yard

How to Remove Rocks From Your Yard

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How to Remove Rocks From Your Yard? A beautiful lawn or yard only adds more value to your property. And not only this, it the perfect sitting area to enjoy the perfect summer evenings, the colorful season of spring or warm mornings in autumn. There are a number of styles that you can choose to design and decorate your lawn/yard to give a perfect look.

You can either keep a full grassy lawn/yard or mix it up with grass, rocks, dirt or pebbles. Though a few rocks can look great in your yard if you a big one. On the other hand, if your yard or lawn is overpopulated by big rocks, they will interrupt or stop the vegetation in your garden. Therefore, it is necessary to remove most of the rocks from your yard to keep it healthy and perfect for the vegetation and grass growth.

But can you remove the rocks from your yard, all by yourself? If yes, then how? Is there an easy, cheap and less time taking way to remove the rocks, gravel or boulders from the yard? Firstly, Yes, you can remove the rocks, gravel or boulders, by yourself from your yard, and you don’t always need to hire a contractor to do that.

Secondly, yes there are many ways to get rid of the rocks from your yard, and some of them are easy as well as quick as compared to others. But no matter what method or technique you choose, yard rock removal requires patience, time and effort. In this article, we have shared different methods and techniques that will help you remove the rocks from your yard.


Tools and Equipment That You Need For Rock Removal:

Before we could start our discussion about how to remove the rocks and gravel from the yard, let’s take a quick look at all the essential things and tools that you would require to clean your yard/lawn/garden from gravels, stones, and rocks.

  • Gardening gloves.
  • A garden rake.
  • A shovel (both the scooped and pointed one).
  • A wheelbarrow or a bucket.

These four gardening tools are a must. In addition to these, you may also require a Rototiller also known as a cultivator and a Soil Sifter.


Different Methods & Steps To Remove The Yard Rocks:

We have provided a list of different techniques and methods in a step-by-step manner. It is possible that you may require to use more than one way/method to completely get rid of the yard rocks, boulders, and gravels. What method would be the best for your yard, totally depends on the size and amount of rocks in your yard.

–      Use Your Hands To Remove large Rocks:

If you garden, lawn or yard has large manageable rocks, then you don’t need any expensive tool or equipment to get rid of them. You can simply use your hands to remove them. All you would need a pair of gardening gloves, and a wheelbarrow or a bucket. Pick up all the large rocks and stones with your hands and collect them in the bucket and dispose them into the garbage.

–      Take A Soil Sifter For Getting Rid Of Rocky Soil:

Every yard, garden or lawn has rocky soil. A rocky soil means that the rocks, gravels or tiny stones are all embedded in the soil. It is pretty hard and quite impossible to the rocks from the soil. You can either use a scoop shovel or pointed shovel to do so, but it will be not effective. Because it will remove the soil as well.

Well, the good news is you can get rid of the rocky soil without losing the soil. For this, you will require a wheelbarrow and a soil sifter. Plus the scooped shovel. A soil sifter acts as a filter that is mostly a net, which screens out the small gravel and rocks from the soil.

Once you have the sifter and the barrow. All you need to do is attach the sifter on the top of the wheelbarrow. Then scoop out the rocky soil and put it on the sifter. When you move the soil sifter back & forth on the barrow, it will filter the soil from the rocks and you can remove the rocks easily from the sifter. Separate rocks from the dirt and throws the rocks into the garbage.

–      Break The Very Large Rocks & Boulders:

If your yard contains very large, heavy rocks and boulders which are hard to pick, then there are two things that you have to do. Use a second hand, and make sure to break the large boulders and rocks into manageable smaller pieces. Then put the pieces into the wheelbarrow and dump and dispose them into the garden.

Is It Costly and Expensive?

Although removing rocks, gravel, and boulders from your yard on your own, takes a lot of patience, time and effort, it is better than hiring a contractor. It is because contractors could be very expensive. When you do it on your own, it will cost you a minimum of $120 and a maximum of $275, which is still cheaper than a contractor. How much will it cost you, depends on how much you spend on the tools.

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