How To Get Rid of Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, and bricks from your building project

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Reasons why you should use a dumpster rental service for your cleaning
February 12, 2020
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How To Get Rid of Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, and bricks from your building project

How To Get Rid of Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, and bricks from your building project

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How To Get Rid of Concrete Dirt Rocks and bricks from your building project? Building projects generally create a very big problem in their wake, and the problem is usually what to do about the resulting debris from the project. Debris such as concrete, dirt, rocks and bricks that result from many building projects are usually very heavy and hard to dispose of.

Other outdoor projects can also turn out debris that is equally hard to move. So, if you are faced with any problem with the disposal of such items, then there are a couple of ways you can go about the disposal. Some of the ways are below

Local listing

There might just be a possibility that someone in your area will need your dirt or concrete. Basically, there might be someone or people who might be in need of leftover concrete.

You can check local listing services in San Antonio to determine if there is anyone interested in the leftover concrete and other items from your building project. You might readily meet some people who have indicated interest on the local listing site about the need for some of the items you have, or you can create a new listing by yourself.

The issue with most local listing services is that there might be a lot of obsolete ads that will remain on the site. You might have to do a little digging and calling that might end up fruitless, but it is always worth giving a try.

If you’re lucky enough to get someone who might need some of these concrete, dirt, bricks and rocks which you are willing to dispose of.

If you are lucky enough to get someone, they’re most likely going to be willing to come and pick up the debris by themselves, and all or part of your debris problem will be solved.

Landscaping or Construction Companies

Some companies might be interested in concrete, rock, dirt that you are looking to dispose of. They might need this for some reasons. The benefit of these large landscaping and construction companies is that they most times want or need a large amount of these items and have all the necessary equipment needed to haul the items of your property. So, if you get any of such companies, there is a very large probability that you will have all your debris moved off from the area.

What you need to do is go to google and search for concrete disposal around San Antonio, you’ll find companies that might be interested and will come around to pick up this debris.

Advertise that you have items for pickup

There might be someone in your area who is interested in getting these items and running an ad might just be what you need to get the attention of such a person. All you will do might be to just put up a sign in your front yard that you have these items for free pickup. And someone might just show their interest, and there, your debris is well taken care of.

The benefits of these options are that they are usually free, and you wouldn’t need to spend any money to get them off your property. Also, they come at no stress to you at all. As all you need to do is to simply look out for interested persons who will personally look for ways to move these items to where they’d be using it.

However, you might not be lucky enough to get your debris disposed of this way, or it might be taking longer to get rid of it when you need it to be faster. So, you might want to use some of the following methods instead.

Taking it to a local landfill

If you have access to a pickup truck, you can always load up the debris into such truck and move to a local landfill. While loading the truck, ensure that the truck will not be overloaded with too much weight as this may be a dangerous thing, as it might lead to engine damage to the vehicle.

If the debris is much, you might consider moving them in bits and running multiple trips to the landfill to dispose of the debris without damaging the vehicle. Damaging the vehicle will obviously lead to extra cost in repairs.

Hire a waste removal and disposal service

This is also a very good option for ridding your property of the debris. These companies have all the necessary equipment to move the debris for you at a cost. Some of the removal company can be pricey, however, but it is always a nice choice.

Rent a dumpster

There are San Antonio dumpster rental companies that you can call to rent a dumpster from. They have a particular dumpster type that is referred to as construction dumpsters. These dumpsters have been specially designed to be used for disposing of heavy materials like rocks, dirt, concrete, and bricks.

Renting a dumpster from a San Antonio dumpster rental company has a lot of benefits. For one, it makes your job a lot easier. All you have to do when you rent a dumpster is to dump the waste right into the dumpster as you are using the main products and once construction is done, the dumpster rental company comes to pick up the dirt.

Also, it takes away all the stress of looking for ways to dispose of the debris after construction and the associated wait time. Your debris will be moved and haulier off your property very fast.

When loading the dumpster, however, you must make sure that you don’t go beyond the agreed line as this might cause a problem with hauling the debris for overweight, or extra cost. Whichever way you see it, the best way to move your debris without stress is to simply make use of a San Antonio dumpster rental service.

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