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The important monetary steps in building a house
April 19, 2020
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How To Fix Luggage Wheel Break Off

How To Fix Luggage Wheel Break Off

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Among the last-minute problems that may arise during a trip is a broken luggage bag. Various parts, including zippers, handle, or push button, can be damaged. But do you throw your suitcase away and buy a new pack because of a single problem? No. Because even if your luggage wheel breaks off while going through the airport clearance or packing, you can quickly fix and resume your journey. 

In this guide, we outline how you can handle a damaged wheel no matter the circumstance without involving an expert. So read on:  

A quick fix for luggage wheel break off

Anytime you are travelling, duct tape is essential you must not forget. When a chunk of your luggage wheel comes off, the tape comes in handy. For aesthetic purposes, black is the preferred colour, but any other will do if you have an electrical tape for finishing.

When you are on the go, wheel replacement may not be a feasible corrective measure for a break-off. And duct tape is the quick fix you need though it is temporary. So let’s get to it:

First, when your luggage has in-line skate wheels and begins to dangle while moving, suspect a wheel break off, especially if they are made of silicone. If that is the case, consider the extent of damage and pull out your duct tape. When the broken piece is large, you need to scrape off the other remaining part of the wheel till you reach the metallic base.  

Now split the duct into a size corresponding to the wheel width. Then begin rolling the tape around the wheelbase until you achieve the same thickness as the intact wheel. As you wrap, when the size is nearing that of the non-damaged wheel, you should you can put the suitcase on a flat surface and roll it to determine how many layers to add. Stop wrapping the base if the wheels roll evenly. 


There is a possibility of the ‘wheel’ edges rubbing against the frame. Even out things by using a carpet knife or sandpaper to slant the tape’s sides. Do this cautiously to avoid any injuries. 

In case you are worried about looks, you can use electrical tape as a finish, and the wheels will be indistinguishable from a distance.  

You can now drag your luggage to any place, but remember, rugged terrain accelerates its wear and tear. The ultimate solution, however, is a replacement. 

Replacing Your Luggage Wheels

The technicality of wheel replacement varies based on the type, but still, you don’t need to involve a professional even for the hardest case.

What you need

The necessary tools for successful repair depend on the method of attachment, size, and type of your carry bag wheel. They include drill & drill bit set, hacksaw, or all-in-one screwdriver set for riveted or wheels with an axle. When you know the wheel size, a drill serves better in removing the wheel screws, but you can consider using any hacksaw in case of uncertainty. There are types of drills that can serve as a screwdriver as well, which helps you minimize cost.

Again you will have to choose the type of wheel you want to use as a replacement. It can be in-line skate wheels, spinner wheels with leg, wheels with axles, or any other. Ensure you select the right size for your luggage. You must get the measurements right; otherwise, your suitcase will be tilting someway.  Replacement wheels come in pairs together with all the screws and bolts for fixation, so you don’t need to worry about the small accessories.


How to replace different luggage wheels

  1. a) Riveted wheels

These have a metal rod holding them together and are the most difficult to fix. 

Cut the rod using a hacksaw then remove the bearings and washers used to fix the wheel in place. You will need safety goggles and gloves for your protection during the cutting. 

You can dispose of the spoiled wheel, but remember to keep its accessories (bearings and washers). Fit the bearings into both sides of the new wheel before you insert it into its well. This helps to keep the wheel stable as you will be tightening the screws. After fastening the screws, place washers on each side and secure them. Finally, replace the previous rivet with a new one and lock the nuts adequately (extreme tightening impairs smooth-rolling).

  1. b) Screwed Wheels

Replacing these kinds of wheels involves removing the wheel well and requires you to use the exact size as the original. Using the procedure below, you will be done in a few minutes:

  • Place your luggage flat and unzip the lining to expose the bolt nuts holding the screws from inside. 
  • Hold the nuts using a wrench while loosening the screws keeping the well in the position. You need a screwdriver for this.
  • If there is a clip within the wheel, remove it to let the wheel and bolts loose. 
  • Put the new wheel into the well and place washers on the sides.  A clip through the axle helps secure the wheel.
  •  Now fix the well back to the suitcase and screw it tightly. You are good to go!
  1. c) Spinner Wheels

Replacing a spinner wheel is the simplest but requires a drill to remove the small rivets used to fasten the wheels. You can also use a hacksaw to cut the axle and remove the wheel though you can easily damage the leg. 

Using a drill bit that is slightly larger than the rivet hole size, drill the top ring until it breaks off. Do the same for other rivets, and the wheel automatically comes off. Ensure you don’t dig too much and spoil the luggage leg. Clean the wheel leg and insert the new wheel into it.  Now put an axle through the hoop and tighten using bolts.  


A luggage wheel break-off may change your favourite travel bag to a ‘carry-on bag.’ But it needs not to be so! You can quickly fix your wheel using the above techniques irrespective of the stage of your trip. Duct tape for a quick fix and wheel replacement as the ultimate solution.

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