How to dump your old stove

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How to dump your old stove

How to dump your old stove

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When upgrading the home kitchen is an important part that needs upgrading from time to time. The latest appliances are always there to replace the old. Stoves are the most important appliance of all, as you are cooking it there isn’t any stove. Right? New and latest styles of the stove are the centre of attraction. But the question is what about the old one? What you are going to do with it?

There are various ways you can get rid of your old stove easily. We have cut them down a few for you.

Store Pickups

As the stoves are heavy and not an easy task to place it somewhere. You pay a nominal price for the delivery of your new appliance. You can ask them as well to take the old them out with them. Simply haul off your old stove when you buy a new one from the store. Not only your workload will decrease but also it is easy for you to dump your stove easily.

Look around in your town

There are many recycling programs are set up at the town, city or country levels which offer to recycle your dump things for free or fee. Check out for them if anyone is available for your help. In this way, you can help the community and save yourself from old stoves.

Sell it

If your stove is working, you can sell it and find some of the money out of them. Maybe your appliance is old for you, but someone is looking for them and found them helpful. So why not consider a win-win situation.

If the stove is not working, it can be sold either way. Your dump can be a treasure for someone. As the appliances contain material like plastic, metal, glass, etc., it could be sold piece by piece. So can find some buyer for it as well.

There are many sites available where you can do the listing of the things you need to sell. You can simply add your stove there with pictures. Few of the sites are as follows:

  • eBay
  • Letgo
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • OfferUp

Many people are selling their appliances on the site. To grab the attention of the buyer you need to make your listing appealing and outstand. For doing so here are few tips for you:

  • Demand a reasonable price, for that you can check what others are coating for the same model
  • Try to capture good pictures from different angles
  • Provide the details about your stove, like which model, company, how old it is
  • Write down the repairs or service history if any made
  • Do not hide any damage or dent if any on your stove
  • Another attention-grabbing point is to offer delivery service, you can add the charges in the cost as well.

Give it away

If you want to help someone and do not need money in return, then you can simply donate your stove to someone or some charity organization. You can find many websites for the purpose as well. They will come and pick it up for you to take it. All you need to do is to research a bit for it. Many social media websites have their online pages where you can add your stove and ask them to take it as your donation.

Remember that if you have a gas stove, then maybe some of the charity organizations may not take it, as the risk of gas leakage or other unsuitable material or metal can be a problem. You need to investigate that before fiving the gas stove away that it is not damaged or hazardous for anyone.

Junk Haulers

You may have seen many advertisements regarding junk retrieving companies who took away your junk and charge you for that. If no other options, you like to adopt then this is the one you can take. Just be careful while hiring a junk haulier and how they are going to recycle the junk. This is your responsibility to check that the company does not dispose of your junk in such a way that it causes harm to nature.


Recycling the old stoves or gas stoves are one of the most environment-friendly in all other options of disposal. The reason is that old gas stoves contain mercury and few other harmful substances which can affect the environment. Even some of the areas have banned such appliances to be dump in their local landfills for the same reason. The safe side is to contact your local garbage collector and ask them for help.

To save time, you can throughout your stove to the dumpster, but you need to make sure that do your local landfill does not apply any restrictions policies on that area you are living or dumping. They may charge you some fee. Or else you are spreading pollution in the form of mercury in the environment. So be careful.


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