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June 15, 2020
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Home Decor Ideas that You Should Avoid

Home Decor Ideas that You Should Avoid

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Decorating home successfully is not an easy task and required a lot of effort, especially when you are decorating your first home. When you are trying to decorate your home the first time you put all the things you want, but you need to keep in mind the things that you should avoid while decorating your home because it gives messy look to your house.

Home decor ideas that you should avoid:

There are many ideas that you should follow to avoid the messy home look. But before discussing that idea, here are some common mistakes that you must avoid to save your home looking bland!

  1. Not Planning Anything:

Sometimes, people get heap with the idea of decorating their house and go to the shop without planning anything. The first thing to be taken care of before starting to decorate your house -to have a proper plan of buying things for decor.

  1. Size of Furniture:

Most people used to buy furniture that does not fit in the space that they have because they might get attracted to a different set of furniture. Do not fall into the temptation of buying everything that not fit into the available space. While choosing the new furniture for your home, see the size of every piece that fits into the space that you have.

  1. Poor Coordination:

You might like the idea of painting your bedroom in a sensual color but would not do the same with the rest of the rooms. This might create a lack of connecting in your house, with one room shouting out loud with vibrant color and another one looking dull. To avoid such a mistake, chose your color wisely and make sure that at least the tone of color used in different rooms is the same.

  1.  Throwing away existing furniture:

If you renovate your house, don’t need to throw the existing furniture that you have. They may add a classy look to one of the sections of your house. you can even revamp an old piece of furniture and turn it into something classy with just a few changes.

Once you have worked on these factors the next step is to use home decor ideas wisely that will look good for your home.

  1. Too many cushions:

While a few cushions are necessary to add color and pattern, and comfort to the seating space.  Too many of them on the sofa can instantly spoil the look and leave little sitting space. Keep just a few decorative cushions that match your design.

  1. Poor lighting:

One of the ideas that you should avoid while decorating your home is poor lighting. Rooms that do not receive much natural light and are painted in dark colors usually seem smaller. Make sure your room receive adequate natural light if the room does not have natural light try to use enough artificial lights.

  1.  Keep un-usable things:

Most people use to keep old things even they don’t use, because of inherited things, or someone gifted it. If you do not love it now, instead of waiting for it to love them, remove them from your room because it gives messy look to your space and sees how better you feel about your living space.

  1. Painting the walls before choosing the furniture:

This is a very common mistake we often get carried away. You should avoid painting the walls first before choosing the furniture, because of a simple reason they are different color tones to choose from when it comes to painting but not so many when it comes to furniture and accessories.

  1.  Not testing color before painting:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is not testing the color before you paint an entire wall with it. Paint a small portion of the wall first and then decide whether the color is suitable. Another thing you need to consider is light, you must see how the color looks like in the light.

  1. Letting others to make decisions for you:

It is a very important thing to consider, you need to take a decision on their own you don’t need to depend on others to take your decision because you better know your home instead of others. So, let others make the decision for you should be avoided.

  1. Matching furniture:

While buying furniture for home don’t just but the whole set. If all the furniture in your home is matching nothing will stand out. More than that, your home will look like a page from a catalog and that’s not a desirable thing. You want your home to be special and full of character.

  1. Pushing furniture against the walls:

This is a very common mistake and we all do it without realizing there are other options to take into consideration. By pushing all the furniture against the walls, you make space look like the hallway and you don’t really entice conversation or interaction between people. You should avoid that, especially in the living room.

  1.  Fill the rooms with too much stuff:

People often make the mistake of overcrowding a room with furniture and lots of accessories to make it more comfortable. The result, however, is completely the opposite. An overcrowded space is less appealing and less inviting.


Home is a perfect place to design and your home is your space. Feel free to design it the way you want to. While decorating your home you should avoid a common mistake that ruins the idea of a dream house.

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