Here’s an Easy Guide to House Clean Up

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Here’s an Easy Guide to House Clean Up

Here's an Easy Guide to House Clean Up

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Clutter Overwhelm? Here’s an Easy Guide to House Clean Up. When it comes to picking the biggest problems in a household, ‘clutter’ can easily be the crowned prince! Not only would a cluttered house cast a foul impression on your guests or visitors but it would create a deep sense of anxiety in all the family members. It would be a no brainier to guess the one person who would be most affected by that anxiety…YOU. And it is no secret that even thinking about de-cluttering or organizing an already messy or cluttered house, can give anyone shivers. It’s nerve wracking! To put you out of that state of misery, here’s a thrifty guide to get you going with the ‘house clean up; seemingly impossible, mission’…


Goal Setting to a Decluttered Future


If you jump in the ocean of clutter, you are likely going to drown. The best life jacket at this point would be well thought, clear and specific goals. It may not sound that big of a deal but goal setting could really be a deal breaker. It does not matter whether you have 2 or 20 rooms; or that you are dealing with moderate or chronic clutter…setting clear goals at the very beginning would make everything simpler. Here are a few tips to get done with goal setting…

  • List out all the cluttered or messy hot spots in your house; or make a list of all the rooms in your house (if you want to do it thoroughly). 
  • Here’s the fun part…Give a rating to all the rooms (or spaces); moving from chronic mess, to moderate, to low. This list would be a great help when you would be setting up priorities. 
  • Set clear completion dates for every room and the whole declutter-the-house project.


Improvise a SYSTEM to Sort the Mess…


This step cannot be emphasized enough. Before you even start the actual decluttering process, it is imperative that you have a whole system designed to treat the clutter in your house. What does that mean? This isn’t a complicated system building, rather a simple (or a few) cardboard boxes would suffice. You can make 3 such boxes…labelled as…”Keep”, “Donate”, “Discard”. This is very simplistic but interesting process, once you get going. The key questions you need to ask yourself are… “does a particular ‘thing’ still has a room in your house? Is it still needed? Have you used it in the past 6 or 12 months?”. If the answer to these questions are in negation, then either put them in the “Donate” or “Discard” boxes (depending on their condition; obviously, you would want to donate something that is still in satisfactory condition). 


One Thing at a Time and Nothing More…


When you are going about decluttering or organizing your house, and once you have started going through the motions; the most common pitfalls is getting distracted or going all over the place. It works like a cunning trickster that jumps on your nerves without a warning, distracts you from the task at hand and then drains all that precious energy that you so needed for getting everything to the right place. So here’s a rule of thumb: focus on ONE task at a time. You may take this as starting from one room and moving on to others gradually. But this seemingly obvious rule pays off in the long run and big time. 


Fix a Date with Your Closet.


It is a mandatory step to do. You should always allocate a dedicated day to decluttering and organizing your closet. This particular task shall never be confused with decluttering other rooms in the house because when you mix things up, it only adds to overwhelm and one tends to freeze in anxiety…aka. Nothing would get done. One of the most common mistakes that a majority of people make is starting from the top in closet declutter. This would take you ages and leave you exhausted at the end. The smart way is to start clearing up the clutter from the bottom and then move on the top shelves. Another tricky aspect of ‘closet declutter’ is which shoes or clothes to keep and which ones to part with. So, when you come across this state of confusion, ask yourself if you have used that particular item in the past 12 months or if it is still in wearable state; if the answers are a positive…then keep them. Otherwise…it’s time to say goodbye to those good ol’ shoes or that nostalgic dress. 


EXTRA TIP: A Cry for…


Help. Yes, a cry for help whenever you need it. Instead of waiting it out and procrastinating or shrinking deep and down under a mind numbing overwhelm of clutter; it is “OKAY” to ask for help if you feel that things have gone too much out of your hand. It also doesn’t mean that you do not have the ability to do the decluttering magic yourself, it only is about understanding that you are choosing not to do it yourself this time; which is absolutely fine. 

So, the above 3 tips are kickstarters for getting the decluttering train on track and once that happens, everything would fall into place; one at a time…in no time

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