How To Get Rid of Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, and bricks from your building project
How To Get Rid of Concrete, Dirt, Rocks, and bricks from your building project
February 13, 2020
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Junk Removal and Dumpster Rental Made Easy
February 19, 2020

First timer guide to Dumpster rental in Atlanta

First timer guide to Dumpster rental in Atlanta

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While it might be clear to a lot of people that the process of renting a dumpster for your cleaning project is quite straightforward, a lot of first-timers might still struggle to understand how to go about this. It is for those first-timers that this piece is meant for. It will show you what to do and what you need to know if you are looking to use an Atlanta Dumpster Rental service for your cleaning project.

Things to do

Some things you need to do are

Ask Questions

When you call an Atlanta dumpster rental company, they’ll give you a quote based on what you need, and some questions which you’ll have to answer as regards to the details of your dumpster rental usage and timing. You must, however, be careful of the quotes. Some companies might go on to charge a different (mostly higher) price than on their quote. To make sure that this does not happen, ensure you ask all the questions you want to ask. Ask of any hidden or possible additional charges, terms and conditions of the rentals, extra charge for extra time and so on. This will make you get a fair charge without any bogus addition or additional charges along the way.

Create Space For Your Dumpster

Before the rental company will deliver your dumpster for you, you must have created space that will accommodate it. Make sure where you’re creating for the dumpster will be easily accessible for you when you and is more than enough for the dumpster size to accommodate any error by the rental company when they want to put down your dumpster in such spaces.

Also, you should make sure there’s enough space for the rental company’s delivery truck as well. This is so they’ll be able to easily and conveniently manipulate the truck to get your dumpster well situated in your preferred and created space.

Choose a solid ground for your surface like a driveway. You can use other places as well. Ensure the ground is level as your dumpster might not be well situated by the delivery truck on sloped ground. You can choose if you will be there at the delivery point but it is not compulsory once you have made adequate space and passed out directives as to where, when, and how you need your dumpster delivered and situated.

Protect the surface of the dumpster’s proposed drop point

If you’ve decided on where you want to situate your dumpster, you should endeavour to protect the surface of such place to make sure it doesn’t get damaged during the drop. However, more Atlanta dumpster rental companies are now adopting the use of the hook and haul process which lowers the dumpster gingerly and carefully in the provided space which makes special protection unnecessary but recommended still. You can decide to enquire about the system your rental company will use to help you make a decision.

Using the dumpster

While loading your waste and trash items into the dumpster, there’s a line that’s always inside of it which might have been explained to you by your rental company.

Some companies might not have a line but will tell you the point where you should stop. The reason for this maximum waste point for dumpsters is to ensure that the dumpster doesn’t weigh more than the proper disposal size. Mostly, extra weight on your dumpster will attract an additional fee. If the dumpster is overflowing, the company might refuse to pick it up until it’s at the proper level to avoid the waste items and debris from falling out.

Things that can’t go in a dumpster

There are some waste items that you cannot dispose of with a dumpster. Liquid wastes like paints, solvents, chemicals, and a lot of other liquid, bio-hazardous waste, medical waste, radioactive materials, explosives, tires, propane tanks, gas items, AC units, refrigerating units, asbestos and leads, herbicides, pesticides, germicides and so on. For the removal and disposal of this type of waste, you might need complete home waste removal services.

Concrete, rocks, bricks and dirt

These are the most difficult form of debris to get rid of because they are heavy. A dumpster is just suitable or these items, but only if it is the right dumpster for such a job. If you rented a large dumpster and filled it with different kind of waste items, and you considered rocks, concrete and bricks as possible later additions, your dumpster might go beyond the proper weight and this may result into additional charges in the best-case scenario. Many times, you will be instructed to remove such extra weight before the dumpster will be moved.

If you need to dispose of these types of waste and debris, you can order for construction dumpsters. These dumpsters are specially designed for such items. They are usually smaller and can handle heavier materials. So, this is one thing to think about before renting your dumpster to ensure you’re making the proper choice.

When you’ve filled up your dumpster

You might have finished your cleaning and loaded up your dumpster and then leave it for the dumpster rental company to do the rest. Well, that’s not bad, but there are some things to do to ease the hauling off of the dumpster from your property. They include

Sweeping around the dumpster area

There might be dirt and spills of items around the area where the dumpster is situated, endeavour to sweep up the area to rid your property of leftover dirt after the dumpster might have been moved off the property. This way you would ensure that no dirt or waste is leftover by the company.

Ensure easy access to the dumpster

Just like you created space for dropping off the dumpster in the first place, so must you make sure that there will be enough space for the company’s hauling truck when they come to pick up the dumpster and the contained debris.

If the dumpster is in your driveway, ensure no vehicle is blocking easy access to it. If the Atlanta dumpster rentals company have to leave and come back for the dumpster as a result of not being able to assess it at first, you’ll be charged a dry run fee. Therefore, you should ensure there is enough space for the pickup.

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