Dumpster rentals 7 tips for getting the best price

Why you should use dumpster rental service in Orlando
Why you should use dumpster rental service in Orlando?
February 10, 2020
Reasons why you should use a dumpster rental service for your cleaning.
Reasons why you should use a dumpster rental service for your cleaning
February 12, 2020
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Dumpster rentals 7 tips for getting the best price

Dumpster rentals 7 tips for getting the best price.

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Renting a dumpster might be quite expensive, but at the end of the day it does what you need it to do, so, you’ll rent the dumpster anyway. However, there are some tips you can take to ensure that you get the best price and value on your dumpster rentals when you need to get one. Below are 7 tips which will help you with your next rental

Rent Locally

There are three types of service providers for dumpster rentals. These three are:

Independent and Locally-owned dumpster rentals

Brokers who book dumpsters and pass the order to a local service provider on your behalf

Big, national trash companies.

These big, national companies are perfect for regular collection of trash in residential areas and curbside trash pickup. However, when it comes to dumpster rental temporarily, their service costs far more than what you’ll get from Local dumpster service providers. This is why you should use locally owned businesses for your dumpster need.

There have been studies taken to consider the price difference between taking a local dumpster service and employing the service of national companies, and it showed clearly that you will save more of your money by patronizing a local service. Asides the better prices you’ll get from local companies, you also get better and easier customer service when you need it. Most of the local companies are family-owned. Once you contact them, you will most likely be getting in touch with the owner directly. On the other hand, national companies can be less customer-friendly because you’ll mist likely be talking to one of the staff that is out of state and doesn’t really understand your plight.

Avoid Brokers

Brokers take your dumpster orders and pass it on to a local haulier, adding their own charge on your order. A broker charges as much as 10% to 20% extra than what a local service will charge. These brokers can appear as local hauliers to unsuspecting homeowners when they are actually out-of-state brokers.

When you book a dumpster from a broker, you will automatically be paying more than you would have gotten from a direct source to the local hauliers. It might be difficult to, however, differentiate a broker from a local haulage service, but you must be extra careful when selecting your dumpster service provider. Most of these brokers offer toll-free line and claim to offer budget and discounted prices. Just be extra-vigilant and save your money.

However, in places where it might be extremely hard, for one reason or another, to get a local haulier, you might be needing the service of an honest broker. Reputable brokers can serve as a bridge to connect you to the best available local haulier.


Call for Quotes

There are quite many factors that affect the actual price of your dumpster rental, and some of the factors are service-provider-related. For this reason, you should call the hauliers directly and ask for quotes. This will also give you insight as to if the company will be able to deliver the size of the dumpster you want at the date you want it, and the level of service they are likely to offer.

Some of the questions that your local haulier might ask you are

  • The size you need?
  • What you will be using the dumpster to pack?
  • Where you are located?
  • When will be your preferred or needed delivery time?
  • How long will you be needing the dumpster? And other questions that will help them make the proper quote and give you your estimated cost.

You, on the other hand, should also ask the company some questions like

  • The maximum weight included in the offered price?
  • How many days will be in the rental period?
  • How much per ton does extra weight cost?
  • If you need the dumpster for a longer time than the original rental period, what happens?

The reason why local dumpster services might ask for our location and the type of debris you are packing with the dumpster as a price quoting guide include

The distance and cost of gas to your location for delivery and pickup of the dumpster

There are cities that charge dumpster service permit, while others don’t. This will affect the price of the service.

Dumpster disposal cost for the haulier varies according to debris type and weight, and the cost will be passed on to you.

Other considerations might go into the quite given by your choice company according to their own discretion.

Make Comparisons of quotes

To get the best price possible, you can call 2 to 3 local hauliers to get quotes. Once that is done, you will be able to compare their prices and services, and see which offers the best service at the least cost. This will allow you to get a fair deal on your dumpster rental. It will also serve as protection from brokers (they usually will have a higher quote).

Get the right dumpster size

The size of the dumpster contributes to the price you’ll pay for your dumpster rental. This is why you must ensure you get the right size. Ordering for a 30 yard when you need a 20-yard dumpster will definitely increase your cost for no reason. However, getting a bigger size is even more preferred to a smaller size, because if you get a dumpster that’s smaller than you need, you’ll be incurring a double charge to rent another dumpster.

Share with a neighbour

Another great way to save is by sharing your dumpster rental charge with one or more neighbours. You can talk to them about your decision to rent a dumpster, and ask if they might be interested in a dumpster as well. If they are interested, you can then go on to determine the cost-sharing and save money on the rental.

Donate or sell some before loading the dumpster

The idea of a yard sale for your unneeded belongings is quite interesting. This will not only reduce the price you’ll pay for your debris disposal through lesser weight but also helps you make money from stuffs you would have disposed of at a cost.

Alternatively, you can donate some of your stuff to people around you. This way you will get to reduce the amount of debris you are disposing of and reduce your dumpster rental charge.

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