Do Dumpster Rental People Speak Any English?

How much trash is there?
How much trash is there?
March 12, 2019
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April 20, 2019
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Do Dumpster Rental People Speak Any English?

Do Dumpster Rental People Speak Any English

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Do you feel like you’re in another planet when ordering a dumpster for a home or business project? Well, you’re not alone. Some technical terms are useful and others are just for the people that work with waste removal. Whichever is your case, in order to make it easier, we’ve listed the most common terms in our industry. You can call it jargon, we call it hauler expressions. And we added a waste conversion table for the most interested ones. Have fun! It’s a great opportunity to learn something new – and useful when ordering your dumpsters from us.



  • Commingled is a term used to describe several, but unlike, recyclables collected in the same recycling bin. Commonly, one commingled container is used for all paper products and another for all containers (aluminum, plastic and glass, and food and beverage containers).
  • Compactor is a dumpster with an internal mechanism that compacts the waste to allow for more material to be stored in a single unit. These are commonly used for
  • Cubic Yard (or yard) is the most common unit for measuring the volume of solid waste. A cubic yard is equivalent to 202 U.S. Need A Dumpster rents out 10, 20 and 30 cubic yard bins!
  • Density of waste refers to the weight per unit of volume (e.g., the estimated weight of food waste is 412 pounds/55 gallon drum). (See below for a table of densities of various waste )
  • Dumpster (also container, box or can) is a large container for storing trash. Dumpster containers are sized by the cubic yard – as in ours 10, 20 or 30 yard dumpsters!
  • Pull Charge (also hauling of filled container charge) is the charge for removing the Need A Dumpster works with flat fees only, with delivery, rent and pick up charges all included!
  • Rental Fee is the cost of using the dumpster for a specified length of time – we rent ours, 10, 20 and 30 yard dumpsters for 7, 10 or 14 days respectively!
  • Single Stream is a term used to describe all recyclables collected in one recycling
  • Tipping Fee (also disposal fee) is the fee that the hauler charges based on the amount (usually tons) of material that is disposed of (or tipped) at the landfill, transfer station or
  • Tons are the most common measure of weight for waste materials – a ton is equal to 2,000
  • Storage Carts are wheeled containers for trash or recyclables, typically holding 60 to 100






MaterialVolumeEstimated Weight (Pounds)
Aluminum cans: whole1 cubic yard50-70
C&D1 cubic yard500
Cardboard boxes: un-compacted/ flattened1 cubic yard50-150
Clean rubble1 cubic yard1,800
Food Scraps55-gallon drum412
Glass: whole bottles1 cubic yard500-700
Grease (fats, solid-liquid cooking oil)55-gallon drum410
Mixed paper: flat1 cubic yard380/755
Municipal Solid Waste: residential/ un-compacted1 cubic yard150-300
Newspaper: un-compacted1 cubic yard360-505
Plastic soda bottles: whole1 cubic yard40
Wood pallets1 cubic yard515

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