Construction With Bricks

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May 16, 2020
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Construction With Bricks

Construction With Bricks

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When we talk about construction with bricks here, we are not talking about the cement type of bricks, we are talking the ones usually baked. Construction here would obviously mean putting up structures of different kinds using these bricks. It is not uncommon to find individuals who are not skilled in construction work putting up structure is their homes using bricks. They might be successful, but there is a huge difference and advantage when you employ the service of an expert construction company to do this. Why? This is because if simple intricacies involved in constructions with bricks. There are certain bricks suitable for different kinds of purposes. So, you would agree with me that you need an expert’s help.

Let us first consider what a brick is and the various types. A brick.  A brick generally is one used in the construction of walls, pavements and other constructions. If you go back to ancient times, sticks we’re usually referred to as moulds of clay. But in these modern times, bricks have evolved into rectangular blocks of fired clay which can be used in masonry construction of various types. Bricks can also be used for the interlocking of floors. Bricks can be fired and non-fired. It is consequent upon this that we would then consider the different types of bricks based on their production processes, use and geographical peculiarity.

There are a large number of kinds of blocks that are named for their utilization, size, shaping technique, starting point, quality, surface, and additionally materials. 

Bricks based on production technique: 

Extruded– made by being constrained through an opening in a steel pass on, with an exceptionally reliable size and shape. 

Wire-slice – slice to estimate after expulsion with a tensioned wire which may leave drag marks 

Hand-moulded – moulded in moulds instead of being expelled 

Machine-formed – earth is constrained into moulds utilizing pressure 

Hand-crafted – earth is constrained into moulds by an individual 

Dry-squeezed – like delicate mud technique, yet begins with an a lot thicker mud blend and is compacted with incredible power. 

Bricks base on use

Building bricks- not planned to be noticeable, utilized for inner structure 

Face – A block utilized on outside surfaces to introduce a spotless appearance 

Empty – not strong, the openings are under 25% of the block volume 

Punctured – openings more prominent than 25% of the block volume 

Entered – spaces in at any rate one face and end to be utilized with rendering and putting 

Clearing – block expected to be in ground contact as a walkway or roadway 

Flimsy – block with ordinary tallness and length yet meagre width to be utilized as a facade 


Bricks based on particular uses

Synthetically safe bricks – blocks made with protection from synthetic compounds 

Corrosive block – corrosive safe blocks 

Building – a sort of hard, thick, block utilized where quality, low water porosity or corrosive (pipe gas) opposition are required. Further named type An and type B dependent on their compressive quality 

Fire or hard-headed – profoundly heat-safe blocks 

Clinker – a vitrified block 

Artistic coated – fire blocks with an enlivening coating 


Bricks based on geographical peculiarity

Cream City brick – a light yellow block made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

Dutch – a hard light-hued brick initially from the Netherlands 

Fareham red brick – a kind of delight-hued brick

London stock – kind of handcrafted block which was utilized for most of the building work in London and South East England until the development in the utilization of machine-made blocks 

Nanak Shahi bricks- sort of ornamental brick in India 

Roman – a long, level block commonly utilized by the Romans 

Staffordshire blue brick – a sort of development block from England

Accrington – it is a type of engineering brick from England.

You would agree with me that it is only a standard construction company that would have a proper list of these different bricks. This is so as it is their expertise. They know just the right difference between bricks of various uses. They know when you are constructing with the wrong type of brick. The problem and issues that arise with not hiring an expert to do your brick construction come in the area of distinguishing between brick of various uses and bricks of particular uses. This is a very tricky area in the brick franchise which the only experts can navigate. Take, for example, the difference between engineering type of bricks and the Face type of bricks. If you decide to build a mini-warehouse at your back your backyard mainly for the purpose of housing your generating set, you might think that the engineering type of brick is best. But in reality, the face type of brick best suit such purpose. Why? This is because they are loosened clay pore which would allow for the easy paste of soothes from your generating set. This is knowledge most probably available only to an expert you would agree.

There are many other situations like that were wrong bricks are used for the wrong purposes. This is why the need for an expert in the brick franchise is pertinent. There are also intricacies like the slope and topography of the land. This is also where non-experts make mistake. When you do not lay the foundation according to the topography, your construction may collapse from adverse weather conditions. These are intricacies a brick construction company would have considered and examined. Thereby, construct in just the suitable manner for longevity and durability.

You have seen for yourself that the importance of employing an expert in construction with bricks cannot be overemphasized. This is due to the different types of intricacies and designs of bricks therein. If you really want a quality job done, you have to hire an expert.


This article has given us useful information on putting up construction with bricks and the need for an expert in such field.

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