April 24, 2020
Grow your Dumpster Business by Renting a Mobile Container
Grow your Dumpster Business by Renting a Mobile Container
April 28, 2020
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Businesses that will require hiring dumpsters

Businesses that will require hiring dumpsters

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If you are in the dumpster rental business, then you should be aware of the people and businesses that require your services. In order for your dumpster rental business to be deemed successful, other businesses or people need to rent your dumpsters consistently. Knowing your active customers is going to significantly impact the success of your dumpster business. With a lot of people needing the services of dumpsters, there is a wide range of sectors to choose from. Thus, you need to specialize your business according to the type of garbage you deal with. There are certain dumpsters that will not be suitable to carry out other waste disposal operations. Having a well-defined niche of the type of waste material you deal with will reduce confusion and in turn enables you to make profits as you will have specific areas to focus on. There are many businesses and people that require the services of dumpsters. Some of them are the construction industry, the medical industry, real estate agents, and landlords. In this article, we are going to look at examples of industries and businesses that require dumpster rental services.

  1. Construction

The construction industry is a type of industry that will deal with a lot of garbage in its operations. Because of this reason, the construction contractors are going to need to dispose of their waste on a constant basis in order to minimize any risks such as injuries and unwanted accidents. This is mainly because risks associated with construction waste can cost the construction contractors a lot of money on top of tarnishing their reputation. In addition, construction contractors simply want to keep their project areas neat and presentable. 

With all the waste produced in construction, there are some materials that are prohibited to be disposed of in dumpsters. For example, things like paints, varnishes, and any poisonous substances are not allowed. However, if you are a dumpster rental business owner who deals with construction waste, you are assured of making good money as there is going to be a continuous need for your services throughout the construction process. Examples of materials that can be disposed of in dumpsters include tiles, concrete debris, wood, and ceramics. During the renovation process, contractors will need to dispose of materials such as old tiles, asbestos, bricks, and soil.

  1. Hospitals and clinics

This is another field that will require dumpster services. The type of waste that the medical field can dispose of in dumpsters is also determined by various reasons. In particular, materials such as human tissues or organs and certain risky medicines or vaccines are prohibited from being disposed of in dumpsters. Despite this fact, the medical industry is one of the top industries that produce dumpster disposable garbage per year. In particular, the hospitals in the United States produce over five million tons of dumpster disposable garbage each year. The type of waste includes old walkers or wheelchairs, gowns, blankets, and sanitary sheets. Hence, you can be assured of good business opportunities if you deal with dumpster rental services for this field.

3.Real estate agents

Real estate agents often require roll-off disposal services when preparing closed properties for sale. When people sell their properties, they often leave a lot of junk and garbage which can be old equipment and furniture they do not need anymore. This means that real estate agents need to make the property they are selling look presentable and convenient for the person who will make the purchase. Therefore, if you build your connections well with real estate agents, they are not going to only require your dumpster rental services. In addition, they will recommend you to other agents and in return help you in growing your business.

  1. Landlords

This is another example of people who will seek the services of dumpsters often. Landlords require moving junk left by former tenants in order to create a good environment for the next tenants. Having good relations in the neighbourhood you normally deal with will be of great advantage as you will be the first person people will recommend to landlords whenever they have to deal with tenant debris. 

  1. Landscapers

Landscapers are another group of people who will appreciate the services of dumpsters from time to time. This is because they will want to dispose of stuff like stumps, rocks, old leaves, tree branches, and mulch. These items tend to cause a lot of mess if accumulated in huge amounts. If your company mainly focuses on offering eco-friendly dumpster rental services, then good landscaper relationships will be great connections to make.

  1. Other industries

Many industries produce different kinds of waste, some of which can not be disposed of by dumpsters. For example, fuels, paints, batteries, lacquers, and explosives are prohibited for disposal by dumpsters. On the other hand, there is a lot of garbage that can be disposed of using dumpsters such as most solid waste which can include, gravel, scrap metal, and even vegetable matter. The type of garbage to be disposed of depends on the type of industry you are dealing with. Therefore, you can always find a certain industry to work with as a dumpster rental business owner.


In summary, what you need to do as a dumpster rental business owner is to survey your target kind of business that will require your services. Know your competition as well as your chances of making profits depending on your rates and overall operational costs. Once you choose a certain type of waste product niche to deal with, focus on advancing your relations with your customers as well as building a good business name. That way, your dumpster rental business will be of huge success. Focus on Cheap dumpster rental and provide the best service ever.

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