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March 12, 2020
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Basement Remodeling

basement remodeling

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Cluttered, dark, and damp cellar areas frequently persuade the owners of the house to work on specific tasks at home, but cellars do not have to remain in that way. Unused dumpster rental basements continue to be packed with all outdated and discarded objects, from worn-out furniture into antiques for children. It, unfortunately, causes valuable square features to be lost. A basement is a perfect place for your family and friends, which could transform into a warm and welcoming environment. A redesigned basement configuration not only improves your living space but also the value of your house, although it takes up time and costs.

Making basements look enticing and welcoming can be achieved by improving some existing features and adding new features to give it a unique look. There are ways to accomplish the following. They include:

Replacing old windows

Basement windows may serve a decorative reason such as to sprinkle space or add more light to the area, or may serve as escape mechanism during emergency purposes. In every basement renovation, replacing old basement windows is a reasonable improvement. Old windows in steel frames are usually single-pane or two-pane systems. These windows waste energy and are difficult to operate, in addition to being unattractive. If your cellar walls are of poured concrete, we advise you to contact the cellar room experts. While installing basement windows, the choices to choose from are several. They include:

  • Casement basement windows. The basement windows are hinged on the one side and extend inward and outward. It is an excellent alternative to energy efficiency.
  • Awning windows. The windows are hooked up and externally opened so that air to flow without rain or leaves. Screens are mounted within the window and are more secure from the elements. Windows for cellars are ideal since they can be mounted high on the wall and work quickly with a turn. These should be paired with unoperated windows, such as the top or bottom of a picture window because the frames usually are smaller measurements than double hangs, casements, or sliders.
  • Sliding windows. This sort of window is less energy effective since a compression glass can’t be the slide. You can open and close quite quickly, and this is good if you need to exit the room immediately or out of space. Also simple to vacuum are the Sliding basement windows.
  • Glass blocking windows. The glass block windows are unique in that they require light, but you can’t see it clearly and thus provides anonymity. They are stitched inside the wall and cannot be removed, thereby rendering them a power-saving option.
  • Hopper windows. It is similar to a casement window, except the hinge is on the bottom of the frame.

Basement walls furnishing

If there is only basic concrete in your basement walls, you need to improve on that. Finished walls of the basement not only complete the room but are also warm and welcoming – particularly when the insulation is applied, and the drywall painted.  To achieve an eye-catching basement wall, you need to do the following.

  1. Step 1. Install insulation

The application of polystyrene foam insulation to the foundation walls is one of the most straightforward and most efficient forms of insulating a basement’s exterior walls.

  • To create a wiggle position during the installation process, reduce the foam to the height of your ceiling minus 1⁄4 inch. Use a hand knife or a circular saw to remove foam insulation. Wear protective lenses while using a saw.
  • Keep the wall cut separation to ensure that the correct height is in place. Remove it again before the next phase begins.
  • Apply the S-shaped adhesive to the wall where the foam is attached. Let stay on the bottle for 30 seconds or the stated length of time.
  • Push the frame onto the adhesive.
  • Continue until all walls have sealed.
  • Seal the gaps between every component with duct tape when all the foam has mounted.
  1. Step 2. Frame your wall

To frame a basement wall.


  • Build blocking between overhead joists and the wall by screwing or attaching a mounted two by four to the joists for the walls running parallel to the floor joists.
  • Set up the parallel walls every 2 feet.
  • To add your frames, you use those blocks. Draw from the wall a line with a length of four inches. It is where the outer edge of the object is aligned
  • Install the wall on the floor and close to the wall with the base platform. Use a framing nail to attach wall joints to plates up and down every 16 inches. Move wall joints for doors and windows when appropriate.
  • Turn the wall to a 4-inch line to fit the exterior edge of the bottom layer.
  • Attach a masonry tool, maceration nails, and a hammer to the concrete floor on the bottom board. During this move, wear hearing protection, dark mask, and protective weapons.
  • Use your frame nail and stepladder to mount the top of the above joists or supports. When you reach the wall, keep a vertical line against each wall joist before nailing the top of the wall to ensure that the wall is smooth. If the height of your wall isn’t, place a shield between the upper layer, then use the framing latch to connect it until the wall joints are even.


Basement flooring

The floors of the basement are prone to become wet. Sadly, the concrete is destroyed by moisture when you take insufficient precautions. You can finally add multiple flooring choices and save a lot of money if you make such precautions. The recommended flooring types include:

  • Laminate
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl Tile
  • Ceramic Tile
  • Rubber Tile


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