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How to deal with stress around the construction site
April 18, 2020
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The important monetary steps in building a house
April 19, 2020
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Apps that help with construction projects of your home

Apps that help with construction projects of your home

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Apps that help with construction projects of your home. The 21st century has brought about much advancement in technology. Almost every sector is now being digitalized and the construction industry did not get left behind by this new wave of creativity and innovation. You might be familiar with the traditional way of approaching your building project by hiring an expert architect or an interior designer to go about the metrics of your construction project. In this new era, the homeowner has the possibility to go about design inspiration, budget management, building measurements all through an app. For sure these will never replace hiring an expert to go about your construction project, but these construction apps will sure bring fun and excitement to boring projects. We are going to review popular apps when it comes to construction.


This is the number one on most of the lists and Houzz has for sure earned its top spot in popularity. The app is an interior-design oriented app and has a huge database of design inspirations, product reviews, and creative concepts. Moreover, the app is free, and with quite an understandable user interface that will help you create several rooms and explore different ideas. Houzz gives you the opportunity to meet nearby designers, architects, suppliers, and builders on the app and go over the projects with them live. This might result in potential hiring and thus you can source expertise all in the comfort of your own home.

Home Design 3D

This app offers great functionalities for those who want to test out their ideas before starting out on anything in the real world, think of it as window shopping for floor plans. This app has outstanding features that give users a variety of tools to explore their ideas. For example, the app offers 2D formats to layout your schematics, you are able to set up walls and even increase their thickness, create openings, and more. The 3D-mode is phenomenal as it offers day and night lighting to check out how your house will look from any angle. You can try on any type of interior decoration, placing furniture to give you a sense of the final build. You can play around with size, color and position even altitude of the walls for free, which is a paid option in most similar apps. Your finalized project can be exported across various platforms and can be shared with other devices.

Magic plan

This is a simple yet powerful app that offers you great architectural features. Every homeowner has been in a situation where they want to buy new furniture or find replacements but they can’t get the right estimate unless they go through a toolbox. Well, Magic plan solves all of the hustle of taking measurements across your room. By simply taking a picture of the area, the app will automatically measure your room and draw out your floor plan. The next time when you hire movers to bring in new furniture or try to explain something to an interior decorator, you will simply explain to them with professional data and everything will run smoothly.

Snap guide

This is a slightly different application which is rather explanation oriented rather than design-oriented. The app offers a lot of guides of different construction topics that are extremely useful especially for those who are new homeowners. They provide users with tons of step by step directives, life hacks, and home tips. If you are interested in upgrading your DIY skills, this is the perfect app. With this app, you will be tutored on how to make your own home beautiful and welcoming.

Planner 5D

This is a home and interior design creator with powerful features that are pretty easy to use even if you never had any training in 3D rendering. Planner 5D offers you the possibility to create your fantasies in 2D and 3D, and you can view these from multiple angles. This can be great for sure if you are hiring a custom home builder to demonstrate your ideas to them. You will have an arsenal of tools to make your home design with personal preferences. You can tweak the colors and texture of your furniture, floors, and walls. You will have full access to users’ shared projects in the app’s gallery and this way you will have unlimited sources of inspiration for your own home construction project. There is a community where you can share your ideas and get some sort of assistance. The app supports virtual reality; this means that after designing your virtual home you can actually step into it via virtual reality. The app offers 150 items for free and the paid version has more than 4500 items to enrich your interior design experience.

iHandy carpenter

This is a complete carpenter toolbox that rests in the palms of your own hands. The app costs $2.99 and has a protractor, ruler, bubble leveler, plumb bob and surface leveler all in one. This comes in handy for home crafts that involve measurements; it is simple to use and visually engaging.

Home outside and iScape 

Both apps have pretty much similar functionalities, you will need these when you want to plan and come up with a new garden design. iScape is free and Home Outside costs $4.49. In general, both apps act like virtual gardens, they give you the possibility to plan where you want to plant trees and set pools and more garden items. This is ideal for homeowners ready to experiment with several ideas in the virtual world before applying them to their own gardens. Home outside will render professional looking 2D aerial plans, and iScape will give you augmented reality or 2D designs.


The world of construction has been revolutionized by these apps and you are for sure going to be amazed by their functionalities. Keep in mind that technology well used can result in great results, and make sure to explore some of the above options.

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