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March 31, 2020
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7 Simple (But Important) Things to Remember About Renting A Dumpster in Orlando
April 2, 2020
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Answered: Your Questions About Dumpster Rental

About Dumpster Rental

It is obvious that when you book a dumpster service, you will want to book a cheapdumpster rental service. Here are some commonly asked questions and the answers.

  1. Will the dumpster company charge more if the weight of the trash goes beyond the permitted weight allowance?

Most dumpster companies will charge you additional if the weights exceed the weight allowance. Of course, the charges will differ. It is therefore advisable that you are sure about the weight of the trash or you go in for a higher capacity dumpster.

  1. How is the dumpster rental determined?

The rental is calculated based on different factors like the size and weight of the trash, the location where the trash has to be discarded, your current location, the type of material that is being trashed, dump fees and the size of the dumpster mainly.

  1. Do dumpster companies charge a flat dumpster rental?

Most credible and reliable charge a flat price. This price will include charges like the rental, pick up charges, taxes, delivery, and fuel surcharge.

  1. Will I be charged extra if I exceed the rental period?

Most dumpster companies offer the rental for about ten days. On an average, in this period the trash is dumped; with a little plus or minus, here and there. If your project goes beyond the rental period, you will obviously be charged extradumpster rental. Hence, it is suggested that you speak to the dumpster company and work out an agreeable period so that you do not end up paying more.

  1. Will the dumpster company work on empty and return policy?

Most companies offer empty and return. Some do not. You would need to check this aspect before finalizing a dumpster company. It works out constructively in your favour if you work with a company that has this empty and return policy. This helps in optimizing your expenses and savings too.

  1. Is it essential to schedule an appointment with a dumpster rental?

It is essential to schedule an appointment. This gives you the chance to remove your trash in a planned manner and also opt out from paying additional fees.

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