Steps to planning a construction project
Steps to planning a construction project
April 15, 2020
Construction insulation
Construction insulation
April 16, 2020
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A time estimate to building a new house

A time estimate to building a new house

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You may wonder how much time it’s going to take for you to realize a fully build home project. According to a survey conducted in 2016 by the census bureau, a single-family house takes around six months to build. This time might vary according to your location and the magnitude of your building project. The types of homes that are one of a kind and built with the specifications of a client are called custom homes; these are the ones probable to take more time than the other types of homes.

In contrast, houses that are built with a pre-existing design typical for a certain area or neighborhood takes a shorter time to build; these are referred to as production homes. Mobile homes or manufactured homes take the shortest period to build as they are made from a factory and then assembled on-site by the contractor on a building project. So depending on which type of home you have in mind, the time should vary from 6 months to a few weeks. Other factors also are the location, the contractors, and resources. 

There are different expert data to how long it takes to build different types of homes in various locations, and you can do research beforehand according to your location. Another major factor that changes the timeline for home construction is the buyer’s unplanned changes. This is when the homeowner insists on some custom changes to be made from the initial plan, and this will add a strain on the construction process and this will result in major delays. In this article we gathered different data about what factors influence the timeline of a construction project and here is what we found.

Pre-construction steps

The house owner has to deal with a bulk of issues before starting with the construction of the house itself. And this is a major factor that influences the timeline of your building project. After buying the plot of land where you want to build your house, you might need to hire cleaners to remove the trees and other plantations if existing, rocks and other existing obstacles, to grade the ground and do the leveling for the foundation. There are a lot of unexpected issues that always arise while clearing the plot of land for construction, and these impacts heavily on timeline changes.

While dealing with pre-construction issues, you cannot start building until you obtain the required permits necessary in your area. This process is usually straight forward and has a standard time it takes. In a few special cases, there might rise issues and you could potentially need to hire an expert on the subject to speed up your process and deal with complications.

The influence of the environment

Many experts debate that the environmental conditions will be the best determiners of how long it will take to build a house. Let’s start by the weather conditions, rain seasons can come with a great number of challenges to the construction contractors. Workers can do the cleaning of the plot in rain, such as cutting down trees or removing rocks, but preparing the ground for the foundation is challenging in rain. For example, it’s never easy to dig basement holes once heavy rain soaks the ground, or pour concrete in freezing winter. These seasons require you to hire very skilled contractors with some experience with such climate conditions.

Another big contributing environmental factor is the landscape. Construction can go much faster depending on whether it’s in a mountainous area or on a plain landscape. Building in metropolitan areas takes a shorter time on average than in rural areas, due to accessibility and other factors. The type of soil will also do a great deal of influence when it comes to the timeline. For example, it’s easier to build a house on a flat piece of land with stable draining soil conditions than it is building on a mudslide area. You will need to hire experts for precautions if your project is to be built in a fire hazard zone, or a case of coastal earthquake hazards.

Workers and supplies

You will need to hire different skillsets for your construction project. This responsibility might be assigned fully to the contractor or a manager, or you can work hand in hand to figure out options. The time estimation will vary due to the availability of labor and the specialists available from the list of subcontractors. As the environmental conditions are a big deal when it comes to construction, summer times are usually overbooked and your new home project might face a shortage of labor. Keep in mind that you have to book early specialists you will need for your designs to be realized. These are, for example, plumbers, electricians, framers, etc.

Alterations on the initial plans

The homeowners may want some changes done on the initial plan, and this will inevitably prolong the timeline for an ongoing construction project. These changes can be detrimental to the whole plan if needed or made at the later stages of construction. For example, the homeowner might want a whole set of things changed while it’s been integrated already and this will be costly in terms of time, as the constructor might have to remove everything and start over again. To avoid this you should maintain open communication with the construction contractor and designers.

Make sure to regularly check on the construction with experts and restrain from making abrupt decisions or delaying them. You should make sure the orders of purchase for materials are made as last-minute orders will delay your construction project.


The process of construction requires following a tidy plan and consulting with experienced professionals on every decision to avoid time delays and other problems. Usually, the required time to build a house varies from 6 to 9.5 months when everything is in place and when precautions are in place for unexpected scenarios.


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