20 Yard Dumpster Rental: Versatile & Affordable

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20 Yard Dumpster Rental: Versatile & Affordable

20 Yard Dumpster Rental: Versatile & Affordable

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A 20-yard dumpster is one of the most used options as compared to the other sizes available. It can hold close to 10 pickup truck loads worth of waste or debris. In other terms, it is the preferred size for a variety of projects like home renovations, re-roofing, garage demolition, and whole-home cleanouts. We can say that 20 yard Dumpster rental is versatile and affordable.

The average weight capacity of a 20-yard dumpster is close to 3 tons or 6000 lbs. However, some rental companies allow up to 5 tons and charge additional as high as $100 per ton for the weight that is above the allowance. However, the final allowance varies from company to company.

The standard period of rental for a 20-yard dumpster is around 7 days. However, it is the industry average and the actual number may vary from company to company. Also, companies charge around $5-10 per day as a late fee in case the container is kept for longer i.e. beyond the permissible days. It is advised to discuss this in detail at the time of finalizing the rental itself.

The kind of waste/debris for which the container is being used also plays a critical role in deciding the weight allowance for the task. Also, some companies may not allow you to mix certain debris for example concrete and household trash. Hazardous waste, ties, automotive fluids, and batteries are some examples of the waste that could be prohibited. It is because of the fact that a large number of dumpster companies are into recycling as well as this makes it easier for them by separating recyclables when possible. The recyclable debris includes concrete, asphalt shingles, dirt, cardboard/paper, and scrap material.

Types of 20-yard dumpsters

A standard open-top roll-off dumpster

This is the most commonly used 20-yard dumpster. A typical standard model of this version includes a door that hinges open for easier loading which also makes it convenient to load bulky items such as furniture, appliances, concrete, and demolition debris. However, it is possible that some old models do not have a door. So make sure you ask about it before renting. It is the most preferred model for home and garage cleanouts. Also, around 4+ feet clearance is necessary between the container and other large objects that will be used to open the door. Also, plywood or boards are typically placed between the container and your driveway for added protection against damage. The dimensions of this model are like 22*8*4.5 (L*W*H).

Dumpster trailers

Some of the rental companies also use customized trailers for loads of 20 cubic yards or less. It is used in a scenario when the standard roll-off dumpster is not a viable option. For instance, in a scenario where the placement has to be done on uneven ground, a dumpster trailer is a more suitable option. It is important to note here that the dumpster trailer comes in a variety of sizes but it is still close to the same size as the standard version. It provides a good alternative in scenarios where the standard dumpster won’t be used. As this model is on tires, the risk to the property is very low and at the same time, it is used for quick drop-offs and pick-ups.

20-yard bins

20-yard debris boxes are the most commonly used size in the industry because of the flexibility it provides. Since it is an economical option, it is preferred by a large set of users. For instance, two-stall garage cleanout, kitchen or bathroom renovation, in-ground swimming pool demolition/ removal, yard waste removal, new construction of a smaller home/cottage/cabin/barn, offloading junk when moving in/out are some examples for which the 20-yard debris boxes are used for. However, the size of boxes required varies from project to project and it is wise to consult the dumpster rental company about the size that will be required according to your requirement before making the final decision.

It is important to note here that although the 20-yard rental is capable of holding up to 10+ tons of debris, the dumpster rental companies do not allow going even till 8 tons is because of a variety of reasons. The fact that the lifting and hauling capacity of the truck may not be able to accommodate that much weight is one of the reasons. Other factors like a truck hauling weight limit restrictions which vary by state or the landfill cost per ton also play an important role in this. For the uninitiated, the dumpster rental companies have to pay a per-ton cost at the landfill and if there are liberal limits for the consumer, the rental companies would have to pay a much higher cost.

What will be right size fit for your requirement will be based on the following factors: Weight allowance from the rental company, approximate weight of the junk or debris going into the dumpster and lastly, whether the volume and weight of the debris from your project will fit into the 20-yard bin.

It is possible that a 30-yard dumpster would have been ideal or even a 10-yard dumpster could have done the job in case proper planning has not been done before the dumpster has been hired. So it is best to consult the rental company and do your own calculations before making any final decision about hiring the dumpster. Also, the number of days and total payment has to be discussed in detail before the dumpster has been rented. For instance, the 20-yard dumpster is available for rental for an upfront cost of $350 to $400. However, other charges like overages, tonnage, fuel surcharges, late fees, and type of debris will be applicable over and above the upfront fee. Also, make it a point to ask about any hide charges of any sundry/extra charges at the time finalizing the rental so that there are no surprises at the time when you receive the final bill.

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